Where are Friends called to focus their congressional advocacy work in 2025 and 2026?

Please enter the results discerned by your group for FCNL's legislative priorities for the 119th Congress (2025-2026)! We ask that you limit your submitted priorities (up to five) to 30 words each. For each of your submitted priorities, please include a reference to a specific section of The World We Seek: Statement of Legislative Policy using the drop-down menu below each priorities textbox. We are not asking you to rank your submitted priorities. The order in which you list your priorities does not reflect their comparative importance. 

The person who fills out this form should be the designated contact person for purposes of this priorities process. Please share this form to record attendance and participation with those who took part in your group's discernment.

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    Please provide some information about your group that participated in the priorities process.

    Please enter the number of participants in each age range. Guesses are OK.

    We ask for a limit of five priorities expressed in no more than 30 words each. Please use the fields below to clearly and concisely tell us your group's concerns. These will guide our work together, during the next Congressional session, starting in 2025. Please direct committee members to specify parts of The World We Seek (2023) supporting your priority by selecting a citation such as "we seek a world free of war and the threat of all war."

    We are only looking for up to 5 priorities from each group that responds. We understand that this is difficult and therefore we leave this space for additional comments.